Imperial Designation: Draconis Pyxis Achernar IV
Star(s): Draconis Pyxis Achernar (Type G Yellow Dwarf)
Distance from star: 1.1 AU
Orbital position: 3 of 14
Average transit from A prime: 46.26 hours

First Survey: 2801
First Settlement: 2804

Physical Characteristics

Natural Satellites: 1
Surface Gravity: .99G
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Terrain: Temperate Forests and Plains

Habitation Characteristics

Population: 1.7 billion
Population Density: Below average
Technology Level: Above average
Local Government: Dray Stewardship
Capital: Coventry, the Dray family estate

Vessel Facilities


Quality: Excellent
Max ship size: 30
Repair level: Overhaul


Quality: Excellent
Max ship size: 20
Repair level: Overhaul


A self-sufficient, idyllic manor world of the Dray family.


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