The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom Part XIV

Coming Home For the First Time

Banged Up

As we rejoin the Sleipnir, we see that it is damaged. Lord Dray decides we will do quick repairs to the ship and Charlie performs a damage assessment / repair estimate. Unfortunately, the damage is extensive.

The plan is for Zen to jump back to the Oan system and request aid from the A.I.s. Meanwhile, Charlie and Oa-La will begin repairs to the Sleipnir.

Elric seems emotionally fragile, very apologetic, but generally all right.

Using a recording from Oa-La, Zen obtainsthe assistance of a Sister 8, one of the repair bots. He also learns that Tenzeurik and some Oan A.I. bots appear to be headed to Tangar Station. Oa-Nal expresses zero interest in aiding us further.

Charlie, with minor help from Oa-La, does a great job with repairs. Lord Drey stays in what seems like constant communication with them, kindly letting them know when it is time to take breaks and chatting up Elric… way too much.

Meanwhile, Zen is getting a rather serious overhaul to his now nameless ship courtesy of a bunch of Sister-8s. They fix it up and enhance its stealth capabilities.

Sister 8-13182186, dubbed Triple 8 by Zen, is waiting in his ship once the overhaul is complete. She is the one who has volunteered to come with us. In the course of their work, the Sister 8s found all sorts of booby traps had been installed in Zen’s ship via several control chips. This was doubtlessly the work of Zen’s brother, Tenzeurik.

Zen and Triple 8 returns to the Sleipnir with a refueler Sister 6. Repairs had been proceeding on the ship. Triple 8 and Oa-La bond. Charlie looks over the booby trap chips, figures out exactly how they work, and throws together a system for detecting activation of the traps on the Restored Honor’s controls.

The Sister 6 refuels Sleipnir and Restored Honor. Before departing, Oa-La sends with the Sister a greeting for all the Blues and especially Five.

Time to proceed to Hudson.

Last Pass

En route, Lord Dray shares a vision / dream that came to him. He believes that our fight is part of a much larger and more significant conflict between pan-dimensional forces. If we fail, it may be catastrophic for the entire galaxy.

The plan: Go to planet slated for “Fire from heaven” in the enemy battle plans and warn them.

Well, we jump right into the first mined Anderson Point in our path and try to capture one. Unfortunately, they have been reprogrammed and 3 are headed our way.

Zen gets cracking on the dodging and astrogation. Oa-La is focused on shooting the mines, but the gun jams. Thanks to Zen’s skillful flying, the mines are mostly destroyed by each other.

We jump and end up outside the minefield at the next system. We just hang out for a bit and do a ship shakedown. Triple 8 has fixed the gun turret and she decides to figure out more things to fix.

We jump to Draconis Pyxys Modea a.k.a. Flars, a blue star. There are 3 Fanatic long range scout ships just outside the Anderson point. One jumps away, and shortly thereafter, another one jumps in.

There are many more enemy ships in the asteroid belt of this system. Zen plots a course for the next Anderson point. Once that is done, Lord Dray tries to give warning to the people of the inhabited planet in the system. Somewhat unsuccessful. (Blown off by a low level tech or bureaucrat?)

Then we jump to Suzhou. There are three more scouts here. There is a station similar to Tangar Station just outside the Anderson Point. The people of this system were warned by Evie and are trying to evacuate but do not have the ship capacity for everyone who wants to leave.

Lord Dray discusses taking the station crew and their families, but the station administrator says the crew have already refused to leave as they might still be able to help people fleeing the Fantatics. Lord Dray takes on the crew’s families and the most vulnerable people on the station, their parents, the sick and injured. We will bring them to Hudson.

It takes a while to bring the 250 people onboard, get them situated and organized.

We jump on.

Each system has star ports with more ships and people struggling to evacuate to Hudson. At Ybarra Station, we are hailed by the Purpose of Certainty. Captain Sorra is aboard and let’s Lord Dray know that the flotilla from Tangar made it Hudson. Evie sent her back to find him and also to scout the enemy. She jumps out.


We arrive at Hudson on 04 July 3166. We are hailed by Captain Freeman. He says he has been tasked with escorting us to Hudson. Evie arrived seven days ago. A council has been convened to discuss the goings-on. There is a stellar fort at the Anderson poin. It takes 40 hours to reach Hudson from the system Anderson point. We rest up.

Around the Anderson point are 32 corvette class ships as well as other DSS ships.

Hudson has 2 star ports in orbit. As we approach, Captain Freeman turns us over to ground control. We land at Arly Base.

On approach, we catch local broadcasts of interviews with people saved by the Sleipnir’s crew.

The local populace is very interested in Lord Dray and what his presence signals for the days to come.

An entourage greets us as we disembark, including Lord Dray’s old teach, Sung.

Lord Dray, Zen, Charlie, and Oa-La take a limo to Castle Coventry. Evie is there… with a new paw! Huzzah!

There follows a lot of cryptic talk. They (Sung and Evie) take Lord Dray, Charlie, and Oa-La on a tour of the castle. The castle is quite nice.

Zen hits the ATM and showers.

The Ark

Sung asks if Lord Dray would like to see the Gallery or the Warehouse. He chooses the Warehouse. We go down in an elevator and through some portal to one of the moons of the system’s gas giant.

The Master Archivist, Courson, shows us a vast “Ark” of ancient technology, including vastly superior technology that would disrupt the balance of power, resources, etc. that maintains the influence of the Dray family.

Courson wants us to meet with the Grand Admiral Yamoto, leader of the Ghost Fleet.

3 X.P.


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