The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom I

The Edge of Everything

The party was picked up by the pallace ship Versailles and over the next several weeks subjected to several tests ranging from normal to highly unusual. They’re told that imperial scientists want to learn as much as they can about exposure to the “stellar event” the party and initiated in the last adventure.

Lord Dray learned that two of his older brothers were assassinated in a very unusual circumstances along with a few other nobles. An Imperial Quester had been assigned to investigate, as is procedure under the circumstances, and Joshua was not to pursue the matter. He also learned that a Serran female was missing from her brothers’ ship.

Joshua’s sister, Evelyn, had been traveling on the same ship that his brothers were on, though she disembarked before they were killed. His cousin asked him to locate his “Evie”, to inform her of her brother’s death and what it happened, and to bring are safely back if that is what she wished.

Two ships were available for the party to take as a loner to help them. After much, much deliberation, it was decided to take the brand new, highly luxurious yacht, though it was unarmed. After a quick shakedown cruise and shopping trip for new gear, the group who was off to the Unraveled Periphery part of space where Dray’s sister was last known to be.

On route, Dray engaged the ship’s AI to find out what it would like to be called as the ship still had the builder’s designator of “C”. The AI had several suggestions but it was ultimately decided that it would be called Elric and the ship itself would be called Stormbringer.

On the next to last jump, the group appeared in the middle of a freighter being attacked by a pirate corvette and pair of fighters. This was especially distressing given the choice to take the unarmed, though extremely comfortable, ship. Despite their lack of guns, Lord Dray hailed the pirates and commanded they cease their attack as Oa-La maneuver Stormbringer toward the pirate corvette. Zen began working on the calculations for the next jump and Charlie did his best to keep the ship running.

Oa-La deftly avoided laser fire as the pirates concentrated their attention on the Stormbringer. The corvette fired grapple lines and hooked onto Stormbringer, not realizing how powerful her engines were. Oa-La used this to her advantage, flinging the pirate corvette away and out of control. Zen completed the calculations, but Dray held off on jumping to try to help keep the pressure off the freighter.

The freighter captain said his jump drive was almost repaired as the pirate corvette righted itself and returned with a vengeance. Oa-La kept the Stormbringer between the fighters on the court that, resulting in the destruction of one of the fighters by friendly fire from an overzealous gunner on the pirate corvette.

Taking heavy fire, and with their shields almost buckling, Zen flip the switch to jump away. 2 seconds later the freighter join them in the Tangar system. Support vessels from Tangar Station move to help the freighter as Stormbringer docked with the station.

Station Administrator Weston along with security Captain Sorra met the crew as they disembarked. The administrator assumed Lord Dray was at the station to assist with the rising number of pirate attacks. Though not his original intention, Dray decided he should do we could to help.

Asking around, it was learned learned Evie had departed two weeks prior along with a Serran and redheaded male. Unsure where they had headed, Dray decided to pursue the pirates. Reviewing other reports of pirate attacks, Dray noticed that other had detected the same strange residual radiation in the hull of pirate ships that the Stormbringer had detected. While asking around at the pilots guild, a pilot named Esmeralda, familiar with the unraveled space claimed she knew the star system where this radiation occurred. After hiring her, the crew decided she seem to be shady, so they threw her off the ship before they left the station. Captain Sorra provided a replacement pilot to guide them through be unraveled graft.

After navigating the rift in record time, storm ring are merged on the other side. The crew decided to visit Ebbar’s World in hopes of refueling, as fuel prices on Tangar Station were quite high. Much to their dismay, they discovered that the outpost on Ebbar’s world had been attacked with no signs of any survivors. They landed to refuel and investigate. Searching turned up a single survivor, a young girl of perhaps seven or eight years old who was malnourished and in shock. They also determined that several hundred people were missing, as the number of bodies found did not account for the population of the outpost.

Their only clues to the attackers was a single downed fighter-class starship of the same kind that the pirates had used their attack on the freighter.

The group decided it best not to further endanger the child and planned to head back to Tangar Station to report the news of the outpost’s fate and to leave the girl there. Before they left, they concealed enough fuel to refill storm bringer 2 1/2 more times.


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