The Unraveled Periphery

This region of space is named for the fact that it is literally at the very edge of the galaxy and there is a gravitic anomaly that is slow unraveling this part of space.

People of Interest

Places of Interest

The Unraveled Nebula

This diffuse collection of dust an gasses is slowly being attracted to the Rift. Its density is such that is forms a barrier through which jump drives will not work.

The Unraveled Rift

A narrow gravitic anomaly which spans most of this area of space. It has a “vertical” extent that it forms a hindrance to jump drives, Though it is not entirely contiguous; there are routes through it known to a select few pilots who make their living guiding ships through.

Tangar Station

Ebbar’s World


Far Rockaway






Wu Abyss


Ybarra Station

The Unraveled Periphery

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