Tangar Station

A commercial station located just above the primary Anderson point in the Tangar system. It is an Imperial station and defers to the Dray family steward on Hudson.
The current Station Administrator is Orzo Weston and chief of security is Magia Sorra.

Station Information

Canteen-class Commercial Space Refueling Station
Length: 900 ft (274m)
Beam: 760 ft (232m)
Power: 1 Newton Fusion Generator
Armor: 1 ft (.311m) Anodized Cassariaum Plating

Game Stats

Gargantuan Starship: Size 24, Acc/TS 10/50 (120 mph, 193 kph), Climb -2, Toughness 48 (15), Crew 400, Cost C$1.05155B, Remaining Mods 1

Notes: AMCM, Armor, Artificial Intelligence, 5x Crew Reduction, Deflector Screens, Electromagnetic Shielding, Garage / Hangar, 5x Mercantile, Sensor Suite (Planetary), Shields, 3x Speed Reduction, 2x Superstructure (Bulk Cargo), Superstructure (Factory), 2x Superstructure (Hangar), 2x Superstructure (Passenger, Civilian), 2x Superstructure (Specialty), Targeting System, 2x Tractor Beam


Shields: 240 – may recover 24/round
Energy Capacity: 2000

Tangar Station

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