This yacht was commissioned by Joshua’s oldest brother some time ago. It was recently delivered to the Versailles but since then has remained in storage. It is probably the newest ship you have ever laid eyes upon, the out hatches sealed at the factory until you board it to check it out as a possible new ship for the group.
Its glistening white hull has been outfitted to provide as much comfort as possible when getting the owner from place to place. The oversized engines indicate a desire to get there quickly. It has a highly sophisticated AI which makes it possible for a single person to operate the ship, though not at the same efficiency as a full crew.

The ship was never properly named before Lord Dray took it to the Unraveled Periphery, and the hull is absent of any identifying markings. The letter ā€œCā€ was on the paper work, and it is assumed to have been the 3rd ship from the maker.

After taking suggestions from the ship’s AI, it was decided the AI would be Elric and the ship, Stormbringer

Class and Type: Custom build Luxury Yacht
Size: 8
Length: 198 ft( 60m)
Beam: 50 ft( 15m)
Propulsion: 2 x Weaver Mark IX enhanced graviton accelerators; 55 RCS thrusters
Acc/TS: 65/800
Climb: 2
Energy: 100
Toughness: 25(8)
Crew: 5
Accommodations: 2 bunked stateroom, one master suite; 5 total berths
Cost: $ 27,000,000
Remaining Mods: 4

  • AMCM
  • Armor
  • Atmospheric
  • AI
  • Deflector Screens
  • FTL
  • Garage / Hanger
  • Luxury Appointments
  • Planetary Sensor Suite
  • Shields
  • Speed x 4
    Weapons: None
    Wounds: O O O
    Shields: 80


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