People of Interest in the Periphery


Lady Evelyn Dray – “Evie” to her family, Joshua’s younger sister; whereabouts unknown, but presumed to be somewhere in the Periphery

Drake Bellar – Tenzor family male; left Tangar with Evelyn on his ship, The Lazy Hound

Esmeralda – navigator currently hired by Joshua; very familiar with the region


Zyrran (assumed deceased) – Goratu faithful encountered in reactor control room on Gateway Station; attempted to duel Joshua, ended up on the wrong side of the door of a soon to overload reactor

Dr. Zeiss (deceased) – scientist found gas giant city; created shrikes; killed by Joshua Dray


Administrator Weston Xing – High Administrator of Tangar Station

Captain Malexaa Sorra – Chief of Tangar Station security ; cybernetically enhanced

Haugh – Kalian navigator; guided Stormbringer through the Rift in the past

Capt. Roos Cranston – skipper of the Zeesa Ga, a freighter saved by the crew


Duke Leopoldo XVI – cousin of Joshua; master of the Versailles palace ship

Aston Bek – Joshua’s Uncle; Procurator for House Dray; sent crew on first mission to investigate disappearance on Tomb

Hoscar Dray – Joshua’s eldest brother; deceased, mysterious circumstances

Ferrick Dray – Joshua’s older brother; deceased, mysterious circumstances


Capt. Varyag – command of pirate held star fortress in Magellan Omicron system


Skye Weedo – skilled research assistant and metadata specialist; former assistant to Dr. Zarin; last seen en route to the Scientorium

Dr. Zarin – gifted researcher; discovered the Umbra Matrix; currently deceased

People of Interest in the Periphery

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