People of Interest in the Periphery


Lady Evelyn Dray – “Evie” to her family, Joshua’s younger sister; whereabouts unknown, but presumed to be somewhere in the Periphery

Drake Bellar – Tenzor family male; left Tangar with Evelyn on his ship, The Lazy Hound

Esmeralda – navigator currently hired by Joshua; very familiar with the region


Zyrran (assumed deceased) – Goratu faithful encountered in reactor control room on Gateway Station; attempted to duel Joshua, ended up on the wrong side of the door of a soon to overload reactor

Dr. Zeiss (deceased) – scientist found gas giant city; created shrikes; killed by Joshua Dray

Cybertronics Corporation

cybertronicsFace.pngDetails Unknown – The Cybertronics Corporation is a newly emerged “mega-corporation” that utilizes the latest in cutting edge weapons technology. Scientific research, manufacture, and services (think mercenaries) are the primary services of this group. Specific details of this company and it’s membership are unknown at this time. Not even the royal houses have any real details regarding the group.


Untitled.pngDr. Jacinto Hartjen (owner) – KNCorp, an intergalactic arms dealer that dabbles in less than honest experiments often skirting the edge of both legal and moral for most species. Several powerful houses within the Imperium have investments in this group, which lends credence to the fact that no charges have been levied against them.


Administrator Weston Xing – High Administrator of Tangar Station

Captain Malexaa Sorra – Chief of Tangar Station security ; cybernetically enhanced

Haugh – Kalian navigator; guided Stormbringer through the Rift in the past

Capt. Roos Cranston – skipper of the Zeesa Ga, a freighter saved by the crew


Duke Leopoldo XVI – cousin of Joshua; master of the Versailles palace ship

Aston Bek – Joshua’s Uncle; Procurator for House Dray; sent crew on first mission to investigate disappearance on Tomb

Hoscar Dray – Joshua’s eldest brother; deceased, mysterious circumstances

Ferrick Dray – Joshua’s older brother; deceased, mysterious circumstances


Capt. Varyag – command of pirate held star fortress in Magellan Omicron system


Skye Weedo – skilled research assistant and metadata specialist; former assistant to Dr. Zarin; last seen en route to the Scientorium

Dr. Zarin – gifted researcher; discovered the Umbra Matrix; currently deceased

People of Interest in the Periphery

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