Galactic Powers


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The Second Imperium

During the Age of Amasite, much knowledge of lost. The will of the Rapturis family finally turned things around and ushered in the Second Imperium. Empress Augustine Amasite the LXIX currently reigns over the children of Earth along with many other planets.

The Tanzanian Empire

The highly aggressive realm of the Rakashans, they seem to be at war with everyone. The Imperium has dedicated a considerable amount of resources into fending off the Tanzanian.

The M’Barr Remnant

Little is known about their current state, as what is left of them lies across Tanzanian and Drevini space. It is believed that some time prior to the First Imperium, perhaps even before humans left their cradle world, the M’Barr controlled a part of the galaxy even larger than the current Imperium. What led to their downfall is unknown and recent reports suggest their dominion is withering under constant attacks from the Tanzanians.

Drevini Carstavo

The mysterious Drevini have effectively minimized what the Imperium has been able to learn about them. With the advanced level of their technology, they could easily overrun the Imperium, but they do not seem interested in expansion. At least for the moment. Imperium ships that enter the space claimed by the Drevini are driven back, or simply disappear..

The Disciples of Goratu

Similar to humans in appearance, these religious fanatics are devoted to their deity, called “the Living God”, Goratu. Friendly, and seemingly harmless, they invite all comers to their space, and relentlessly try to convert everyone to their beliefs.


The Rigell Syndicate

These foul insectoid slavers have struck across all of known space except perhaps within the Drevini Carstavo. They are ruthlessly efficient, striking poorly defended outer colonies with little warning, taking any who might fetch a price on their “market” ships. It is mentioned in hushed tones that even some noble families of the Imperium have been customers of the Syndicate.

Galactic Powers

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