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Imperial Designation: Omicron Eridani Alpha VI
Star(s): Omicron Eridani Alpha (Type K Orange Giant)
Distance from star: 5.99 AU
Orbital position: 6 of 19
Average transit from A prime: 12 days, 9 hours

First Survey: 2999
First Settlement: 2003

Physical Characteristics

Natural Satellites: 2
Surface Gravity: 1
Temperature: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal
Dominant Terrain: Temperate Plains and Forests

Habitation Characteristics

Population: 2400
Population Density: Medium (one settlement)
Technology Level: Average
Local Government: Elected council
Capital: The Colony

Vessel Facilities




Quality: Frontier
Max ship size: 16
Repair level: Superficial


Location of a small colony with refinery for raw fuel mined in the area.

Ebbar's World

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