Character Creation Information

Characters can belong to any race in the main rule book or the Science Fiction Companion.

The following additional information will be used in creating characters for the campaign:

  • Characters will begin with 20 xp. To create your character, begin by creating a normal starting character. Refer to the Savage Worlds rule book, page 43 for details about Advances. Remember, only the last Advance taken will allow you to take a Seasoned edge.
  • Your character can start with up to $1000 in gear and/or valuables. Money not spent cannot be converted to cash.
  • Your character will have with $200-$1000 in cash on hand. This can be immediately spent on starting gear, if so desired.

Bonus Experience Points

A player can earn additional experience for their character in one of two ways: by creating worlds related to the character and by adding their character to the wiki. This can happen before play starts or at any point during the campaign.

  • Each planet detail will provide the character with 2 xp, up to a maximum of 6xp.
  • Adding a full character-sheet write up to the wiki, including stats, skills, etc. and the character history/bio. This is worth 5xp.

XP will be awarded immediately, though Advances can only be applied when appropriate.

Character Creation Information

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