The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom III
"Anywhere they're not shooting at us!"

As Charlie and Zen prepared the ship to depart the pirates’ star fortress, Joshua and Oa-La rifled the body of the power armor equipped soldier they had dragged on board. When Zen arrived on the bridge, he found that Elric had released Esmerelda due to the imminent threat of the fighters fires circling the area. Esmerelda had taken care of most of the preflight checks. She also shared her concern that the ship ventral sensor was blank but Elric could not detect any problems.

Before they could pull away from the fort, several arrester beams locked onto the ship and held it in place. Rather than trying to traverse the exterior the station’s exterior to disable the beams, it was decided to try and locate a terminal or some other access within the station to turn them off.

As the party gathered and the airlock in preparations of the entering the pirate held space station, the airlock video showed them that several pirates waiting to see if the Stormbringer crew would return to the station. When they reopened the airlock, it caught the pirates off guard. Some quick sort work on Zen’s part, and grenade from Oa-La dispatched the majority of the waiting pirates and sent the rest running.

One short hike through the space station turned up a terminal being studied by a feline pirate. Zen quickly sniped the pirate and him finish them off with a knife. Despite or because of the station’s age, Oa-La was able to access star fortress computer in bend it to her will. She disabled the arrester beams, simulated a reactor leak, and created a phantom fleet of Imperium ships which occupied the majority of the pirate ships.

After this, the crew hastily return to the Stormbringer. Finally casting off from the store fortress, they began a desperate race to reach the Anderson Point on the other side of the debris field before being destroyed by the pirate ships. Zen earned his pay as he weaved and dodged the ship through the ancient space battle remains. Several pirate fighters persued them, but were unable to keep up and either damaged or destroyed by debris.

Just before they reached the Anderson Point, a pirate frigate emerged from the debris and launched a guided torpedo at Stormbringer. Zen set the throttle to full to buy Esmerelda as much time as possible to complete her calculations. She didn’t know where they were headed so when asked “Where to?”, the crew responded, in unison, “Anywhere they’re not shooting at us!”. Seizing the initiative, she jumped them to the next system out instead of taking them straight back the way they had come.

Without realizing it, she had taken them see the source of the impending invasion based on the map retrieved from a dead soldier.

A sense of unease settled across the crew. This was made worse by the fact that nothing of the ordinary in this system. Further scans revealed nothing except a faint reading that seem to be coming from around the star beneath them.

The Unraveling Doom II
Speak To A Pirate Day

The group spent a few more days exploring the remains of the colony on Ebbar’s World. They noticed that there were several footprints left in the dirt that seem to come from the same type of boot. They’re beginning to think that it was some kind of organized force which caused the carnage on Ebbar’s World. Failure to find recordings of the attack force was also suspicious, making it seem like the attackers were trying to hide their identity.

Deciding that nothing else could be learned there, the group hid a fuels stash and took off on their way back to Tangar Station. A day out from the star of Ebbar’s World, they noticed a small flotilla of nasty looking ships jumping away. When they arrived at the Rift, they could barely detect that the flotilla had entered it before them.

Skillful flying by Zin got Stormbringer through the Rift ahead of the flotilla. Using a jury rigged device made by Charlie, Joshua was able to contact Tangar Station. He warned them about the flotilla, though that they could do nothing about it but watch. Racing ahead of the pirate flotilla, the group soon realized that the the pirates were not following them towards Tangar Station. Instead they were headed towards a gas giant the system. The pirate flotilla then jumped using a previously unknown Anderson point beneath the gas giant.

Upon arriving at the station, Hugh the hired navigator quickly ran off the ship in a hysteria about what happened on Ebbar’s World. Esmeralda was waiting at hatch but the group ignored her. A medical team took the young girl they had rescued from the colony. Joshua arranged a meeting with the station’s leadership where they discussed the pirate activity and the new escalation of violence. No clear decision was reached as to a course of action for the station to take. Ideas discussed included trying to jump the station, though was not known if that was even possible. During the meeting, someone mentioned an imperial armada was located at Hudson. Others dismissed this as a rumor.

While the meeting was going on, Charlie followed Esmeralda. He witnessed here desperately trying to get on a ship leaving the station, even offering to pay.

The group decided that they needed to return back to the other side of the Rift to get additional information and locate the source the attacks. After Hugh had finished spreading the stories of destruction on Ebbar’s World, there were no pilots willing to back at this time. That left the party with one choice: Esmeralda.

When they return to the ship, they found her waiting by the airlock. After tense negotiations, they agreed to take her on as their navigator through the Rift. Esmeralda agreed to guide them to the system they were looking for. Once their trip was ever, she said she might have a formation about where Joshua sister was headed.

Also before heading out, Charlie was tasked with mounting on Stormbringer the laser cannons recovered from a downed pirate fighter. Commercial garage facilities would not be available for several weeks, but Captain Sorra was able to free up a system patrol garage. Charlie was able to get the guns mounted very quickly and in such a way that they looked like part of the original ship design.

Departing the station once again, they headed into the Rift. Esmeralda seem to know something about charlie’s long life span, though he had no recollection of her or what she’s talking about. She also seem to be in antagonizing Zin. After a quick stop back by Ebbar’s World to refuel, they were off to the system they sought: Magellan Omicron.

Arrival of the system was somewhat of a shock, as before them floated the remains of several ancient star battles. In the wreckage, they could see the remains of a stellar fortress, one of several battle stations used to defend the system’s Anderson Point. Deciding it was a good place to start looking, Zin carefully piloted the ship through the hulking remains to be far side of the fort. There they could see a pirate frigate docked with the fort and under repairs. The decision was made to hold position and observe things for a while.

Unfortunately as they waited, a message was sent them inviting them in and letting them know that they had not been a stealthy as they thought. Joshua identified himself as Lord Dray, immediately someone screamed his name in rage in the background on the other into the communication. After locking Esmerelda in the master suite, the group docked and entered the station where indicated. After a short walk down a hall, they fouind themselves in a hangar from well-armed pirates awaiting them. Pirate Captain Varyag spoke with them but gave no useful information or admission of involvement in the attack on Ebbar’s World. Realizing he was getting nowhere, Joshua made a decision to retreat.

As soon as they started to run, the pirates opened fire. Their way back to the ship was cut off by a human wearing power armor, screaming the name Dray, and frothing at the mouth. As he opened fire, there were attacked from another side by what appeared to be Captain Varyag’s robotic parrot.

Joshua drew his laser sword and started swinging at the robot. With help from Zin, he was able to finally slash it neatly in half. Meanwhile, Oa-La engaged the power armor with her sword after blasting it with a grenade. He still put up a fight while asking her how she could work for such scum. Her response was to cut off his head.

Dragging the power armor behind them, they boarded Stormbringer and close the air lock behind them. As they prepared to flee the battle station, Oa-La discovered a personal data device on the remains of the human. It appeared to be displaying a map of the periphery with a plan for invasion, including the Dray manor world of Hudson.

The Unraveling Doom I
The Edge of Everything

The party was picked up by the pallace ship Versailles and over the next several weeks subjected to several tests ranging from normal to highly unusual. They’re told that imperial scientists want to learn as much as they can about exposure to the “stellar event” the party and initiated in the last adventure.

Lord Dray learned that two of his older brothers were assassinated in a very unusual circumstances along with a few other nobles. An Imperial Quester had been assigned to investigate, as is procedure under the circumstances, and Joshua was not to pursue the matter. He also learned that a Serran female was missing from her brothers’ ship.

Joshua’s sister, Evelyn, had been traveling on the same ship that his brothers were on, though she disembarked before they were killed. His cousin asked him to locate his “Evie”, to inform her of her brother’s death and what it happened, and to bring are safely back if that is what she wished.

Two ships were available for the party to take as a loner to help them. After much, much deliberation, it was decided to take the brand new, highly luxurious yacht, though it was unarmed. After a quick shakedown cruise and shopping trip for new gear, the group who was off to the Unraveled Periphery part of space where Dray’s sister was last known to be.

On route, Dray engaged the ship’s AI to find out what it would like to be called as the ship still had the builder’s designator of “C”. The AI had several suggestions but it was ultimately decided that it would be called Elric and the ship itself would be called Stormbringer.

On the next to last jump, the group appeared in the middle of a freighter being attacked by a pirate corvette and pair of fighters. This was especially distressing given the choice to take the unarmed, though extremely comfortable, ship. Despite their lack of guns, Lord Dray hailed the pirates and commanded they cease their attack as Oa-La maneuver Stormbringer toward the pirate corvette. Zen began working on the calculations for the next jump and Charlie did his best to keep the ship running.

Oa-La deftly avoided laser fire as the pirates concentrated their attention on the Stormbringer. The corvette fired grapple lines and hooked onto Stormbringer, not realizing how powerful her engines were. Oa-La used this to her advantage, flinging the pirate corvette away and out of control. Zen completed the calculations, but Dray held off on jumping to try to help keep the pressure off the freighter.

The freighter captain said his jump drive was almost repaired as the pirate corvette righted itself and returned with a vengeance. Oa-La kept the Stormbringer between the fighters on the court that, resulting in the destruction of one of the fighters by friendly fire from an overzealous gunner on the pirate corvette.

Taking heavy fire, and with their shields almost buckling, Zen flip the switch to jump away. 2 seconds later the freighter join them in the Tangar system. Support vessels from Tangar Station move to help the freighter as Stormbringer docked with the station.

Station Administrator Weston along with security Captain Sorra met the crew as they disembarked. The administrator assumed Lord Dray was at the station to assist with the rising number of pirate attacks. Though not his original intention, Dray decided he should do we could to help.

Asking around, it was learned learned Evie had departed two weeks prior along with a Serran and redheaded male. Unsure where they had headed, Dray decided to pursue the pirates. Reviewing other reports of pirate attacks, Dray noticed that other had detected the same strange residual radiation in the hull of pirate ships that the Stormbringer had detected. While asking around at the pilots guild, a pilot named Esmeralda, familiar with the unraveled space claimed she knew the star system where this radiation occurred. After hiring her, the crew decided she seem to be shady, so they threw her off the ship before they left the station. Captain Sorra provided a replacement pilot to guide them through be unraveled graft.

After navigating the rift in record time, storm ring are merged on the other side. The crew decided to visit Ebbar’s World in hopes of refueling, as fuel prices on Tangar Station were quite high. Much to their dismay, they discovered that the outpost on Ebbar’s world had been attacked with no signs of any survivors. They landed to refuel and investigate. Searching turned up a single survivor, a young girl of perhaps seven or eight years old who was malnourished and in shock. They also determined that several hundred people were missing, as the number of bodies found did not account for the population of the outpost.

Their only clues to the attackers was a single downed fighter-class starship of the same kind that the pirates had used their attack on the freighter.

The group decided it best not to further endanger the child and planned to head back to Tangar Station to report the news of the outpost’s fate and to leave the girl there. Before they left, they concealed enough fuel to refill storm bringer 2 1/2 more times.

The Enigma Equation Part 2
The Collector's Ship

The group pursues the missing scientist, finding him in a system with an erratic star and a mysterious, gigantic star ship.

The Enigma Equation Part 1

The group was dispatched to the planet Tomb to determine why there had been no communications with the archaeological team working there.

The team discovered that the head scientist had departed with the major find from the planet and that shortly after he left, insectoids had attacked.


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