Lord Josua Dray

Grey Jedi-like mentalist, rich


Agility: D6
• Fighting (D6)

Smarts: D8
• Investigation (D6)
• Knowledge: Arcana (D4)
• Knowledge: The Rubic (D6)
• Knowledge: History (D4)
• Knoweldge: Library Science (D4)
• Healing (D6+2)
• Notice (D4)

Spirit: D10
• Persuasion (D4+4)
• Psionics (D10)

Strength: D4

Vigor: D6

Heroic (Major; Josua follows the Rubric, which teaches experience and strength comes from struggle. By taking others’ struggles onto himself, he gains experience while they stagnate)
Enemy (Minor; rival non-Dray lord who has a personal dislike of Josua’s skills and attitude)
Loyal (Minor; Josua is fiercely loyal to both friends and family. This stems from a natural inclination as well as a trained practicality—Josua will never leave anyone else behind, and in turn, expects never to be abandoned either)

Arcane Background: Psionic (Josua is a trained follower of the Rubric, including the independent right to call himself a Lord due to his mastery of the basics of the Philosophical Path of the Rubric)
• Bolt
• Healing
• Elemental Manipulation
Healer (2 to Healing Checks for the party; Josua is a trained and naturally gifted medic)
Noble (
2 Charisma, Rich, see text; Josua is a prominent member of the Dray family of Covenant)
Vigor Increase (D4 to D6)
Attractive (2 to Charisma; Josua’s possesses his family’s good looks and a boyish charm despite his somewhat bookish demeanor)
Extra Power Points (
5; Josua has spent time training his mental reserves)
Seasoned: Extra Power (Telekinesis)
Extra Power: Boost/Lower Trait
Filthy Rich
Pink Slip
Veteran: Extra Power: Puppet
Mentalist (+2 to opposed Psychic Rolls)
Special Reward: Elan

Item Location Weight Notes
Laser Sword Belt 5 Violet/Silver Blade
Laser Sword Belt 5 Violet/Silver Blade
Robes Body -
Commlink Collar 1 ounce
Body Armor Under Robes 4
Binoculars Satchel 2
Medigel Satchel 12 ounces 20 uses
Mediscanner Satchel 2
Flashlight Belt 1 ounce

Total Weight ~24 pounds


Height: 5’11” Weight: 150
Hair: Ash Blond (worn long) Eyes: Blue
Age: 22 Terran Prime Years

Distinguishing Features: Thin scar on left of lower lip; numerous dueling training scars on right arm (upper and lower);
Josua is the third son and fifth child of Lord Marian Dray, sister to Lord Albrecht Dray, High Lord of Covenant. As befits their station, Josua grew up well-tutored, though generally helpless in most physical pursuits, unlike his healthier elder siblings. However, from an early stage, he demonstrated both an aptitude and fascination with the Rubric.
Though not the baby, Josua’s health was of regular concern and lead to a certain amount of coddling. His eldest siblings were often dismissive or distant, though the ones nearest him in age tended to be quite supportive of the quiet, bookish child.
Josua passed his initiation in the Mysteries of the Rubric at the age of 16. While not the youngest ever (most High Lords were younger), it still places him in the realm of prodigies among the Dray, and he was certainly younger than his siblings (three of the five others have also passed, two Philosophicals and one Fundamentalist. It is not believed the others will.).
Unlike most burgeoning newfound Lords, Josua did not immediately begin his Walkabout, the traditional journey of self-discovery follows of the Rubric go on upon completion of the Trials. Instead, Josua returned to his beloved library to study further. After some pointed prodding from Elders of the Dray, Josua left the library and completed mid-range medical training as a doctor, and then finally agreed to see the stars.
As anticipated by his Elders, getting out from the unchallenging family environment has greatly strengthened Josua in both body and resolve. The nervous bookworm has been replaced by a graceful scholar, one confident in manner and bearing. As he filled out into adulthood and better health, he also grew into his looks. Combined with his newfound ease in his powers, his latest visit to the courts of Covenant turned many heads.
It is hard to determine whether Josua’s Walkabout has ended. They are intended to be spontaneous, completely at the whim of the journeyer, and even before but especially after his demonstration of Telekinesis to the Elders, there has been some level of guidance and direction coming from above. Many of his family are taking note of his progress. It is highly unlikely Josua will ever rise to the level of High Lord, but it is not out of the question in a decade or two he may become the youngest member of the Unbroken Circle, the inner council of the Dray.

Lord Josua Dray

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