The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Periphery: Episode XVI

To Endings, Part 1


War plans were discussed.

Charlie worked to unlock the secrets of the scalar with help from Triple 8.

Lord Dray established a formal treaty between the Oans and House Dray to formalize his intentions on treating them as equals and not slaves..

Scouts reported the enemy fleet spread between Lucknow and Ybarra. Not good.

The main forces moved to the Belarus system. A ship arrived carrying Lord Josua’s uncle, Aston Bek. He said he was sent by Lord Dray’s mother to find Evie. Josua reacted with suspicion and quarantines Bek’s ship. Brother Fives were dispatched to inspect the ship, but found nothing out of the ordinary to them.

Admiral Yamoto agreed to send 90% of the Ghost Fleet with us. She requested 25% of the Dray fleet remain to guard the Anderson Point.

Two strike teams would be sent to deal with the frightening Fanatic command carriers. The crew composed one of the teams with the mining bot (MAB) and the nuke taken from the enemy on Home. They would travel in the Scalar, inside of the Sister Four who volunteered to deliver the solar fireworks. They would then jump back to let the main force know when it is safe to jump in following the “show”.

The other team would be composed of White Feathers, the Dray naval special forces unit. They would jump in with the main forces via Zen’s Restored Honor tactical shuttle and be armed with the reactor gun. This gun was reported to be able to instantly halt, start, or overload a ship’s reactor. The White Feathers’ orders were to shut the reactor down.

Remaining White Feathers would be aboard the Sleipnir to man the guns and provide extraction if it became necessary.


The team traveled to Ybarra system inside the Sister Four and Josua identified the carrier he believed the Avatar was on board. Sister Four told the crew they need to leave immediately.

Fanatic forces were suspiciously close to the Sister Four’s arrival location and attacked her almost immediately. Oa-La received a message from the Sister Four. She didn’t share its contents with the crew but, from then on, she referred to that Sister as Sundancer.

The rest of the crew rode the Scalar to the nearby planet’s ionosphere and watch as Sundancer dove into the star and the fireworks begin.

As soon as it was over, the crew jumped to the combined Ghost and Dray fleets, gave the signal “Attack!” and then jumped back.

Charlie had an epiphany, developing an understanding of the underlying paradigm guiding the wacky construction and modifications to the scalar. He could now, or example, locate and work the built in radio.

Lord Dray tried to convince the Avatar to submit, transmitting “Your power to me.” but was only met with radio silence. Zen docked the Scalar with the Tormenter, the dreadnought believed to be carrying the Avatar. On approach, Zen notices that it seemed too quiet.

The Ghost fleet jumped in and, unlike contemporary fleets, this ancient fleet arrived in almost perfect formation. As soon as their systems came on line, they began to tear into the Fanatic ships.

The Battle of Ybarra had begun.

The Battle of Ybarra

Meanwhile, back on the Tormentor, the crew found the bridge disconcertingly deserted. Oa-La tried to hack into the ship’s computer and discovered another active presence working against her. She proved the better hacker and successfully flipped the shipboard anti-intruder guns to target the crew instead of intruders. Its was a bad day to be a Fanatic.

Zen tried to return to the Scalar, but discovered that the airlock had been remotely voided and the Scalar set adrift. The hacker seemed to have gotten his revenge and cut off their escape route. Then they realized that the “bridge” has been rigged with explosives and the elevator disabled. Oa-La was able to override the elevator and the crew escapes just before the bridge exploded.

They made their way down to the engineering section and arrived on a scene of carnage. The anti-intruder guns had cut to pieces a Fanatic ambush that was awaiting the crew this level.

Picking their way through the bodies, they looked for a room to stash their bomb in. Trying a nearby room, they found a trio of Fanatic techs fleeing from some Arc Beatles. The beatles turn on the crew who decided on discretion rather than valor and sealed the door.

The nuke was stashed in a nearby closet and Charlie whipped up a convincing fake bomb to mislead anyone who might be observing them. The MAB also accompanied them.

Evie checked the ship’s computer and the resisting hacker entity was gone. Shortly thereafter, the ship reverberated and internal sensors seemed to indicate a ship had jumped from within the hangar of the dreadnaught.

They headed to the hanger, commandeered a Fanatic bomber and left the Tormentor.

Evie contacted Josua. Unbeknownst to him, she had accompanied the White Feathers strike team. Her team mates seemed to be turning on each other, victims of a psychic attack. Josua told her to send the remaining soldiers away and take the reactor gun on her own.

Midway between the dreadnaughts, Lord Dray detonated the nuke. The Tormentor broke in half with the majority of the aft disappearing in a nuclear light.

Zen vectored their stolen ship to the Undying, the other dreadnaught which Evie was onboard.

While transiting, the crew took stock of the space battle unfolding around them. The combined Ghost and Dray fleets had overwhelmed the Fanatic fleet twice their size. However, they had also taken a beating in the process and many of the ancient ships were damaged or disabled.

As they watched, the Undying deployed a previously unknown weapon of tremendous firepower. It shattered two smaller ships before slamming into the Ghost fleet flag ship, causing serious damage.

Josua opened a channel to the flagship and said it was time to retreat.

Elric reported that he was being pursued by six fighters.

Josua received a communication from one of the White Feathers describing the death of Josua’s brother’s. He then began threatening Evie. The crew exchanged uneasy looks at this.

The MAB, reprogrammed, managed to disable a Fanatic Battle cruiser.

The crew launched an assault on the primary hanger, causing massive damage before heading to the secondary hanger. On landing, they made sure to squash someone. (No XP left behind!)

The crew next made their to the ship’s command center. Once there, grenades were tossed, shots were shot, and faces were murderized. The crew overcame the resistance and eventually most of the remaining Fanatics changed sides.


Triple Eight warned that someone was approaching; it turned out to be Evie. She said “Run” and the crew didn’t argue.

Before departing, Lord Dray commanded the turncoats to ram the ship into the nearest capital ship and then evacuate.

Evie explained that one of the White Feathers had been stalking her. She had used the reactor gun, which seemed to be doing an excellent job of overloading the reactor. She led the way to where they had docked the Restored Honor.

As they approached the airlock, one of the White Feather stepped out between the crew and their ship. He seemed to be controlled by someone else. Lord Dray guessed it was Kayzo, Lord Balisian. Oa-La and Zen engaged the White Feather, but it was ineffective. Charlie blew a hole through part the possessed soldier’s face, but that just seemed to irritate him.

Josua and Evie used their telekinesis to move the White Feather up and out of the way. The crew dashed onto the ship and departed the command carrier..

As they caught their breath, they watched the death of the Undying.


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