The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom V

Gift of Goratu

The crew took a closer look at the armed figures confronting them across the generator control room. Like the technicians, the un-armored figure also appeared very similar to humans with a slightly elongated for head. On his forehead, they could see the same symbol as was adorning the paldrons of the red armored figures – – a circle the vertical line extending through it.

Zen realized that he had seen same armor in a travel documentary about the disciples of Goratu. In that vid, the armored figures could be seen guarding temples and other off-limits locations on a world in the disciples space. The vid also showed training of these guards briefly Zen was able to put that knowledge to use over the course of the pending combat.

The darkly clad and caped leader attempted to engage Content Not Found: null_ with conversation to find out why he was there, but Joshua knew the time was short and gave the order to attack. _Content Not Found: null opened by throwing a plasma grenade which enemy leader was able to deflect with a wave of his hand. The enemy leader commanded his troops to engage the crew as he moved to fight Joshua.

The troops employed staff weapons able to fire particle beams and block laser swords. The crew took a few hits and the leader was able to deflect Joshua’s swings with his laser sword. Charlie moved to a control panel and was quickly able to sabotage the generator. Joshua was struck by particle beam and nearly taken out. The enemy leader, called Zyrran by one of the soldiers, moved to a catwalk over the generator seeming to try bait Joshua out of the control room. Instead, Joshua destroyed door controls leading out of the room with hislaser sword after closing the door.

The crew took the two technicians prisoner despite the fanatical resistance employed by the techs during the combat. The crew overheard Zyrran give orders to take Stormbringer. Joshua told Esmeralda to take off; he and the others would have to find another way out before the generator blew up. The conscious technician suggested hangar bay nearby.

Joshua left a grenade clumsily on the door in hopes of blowing up Zyrran. To his surprise an explosion came from that direction as the elevator carried them to the hangar. To his dismay, he heard explosions coming from the hangar that they were headed towards.

The elevator doors opened to a scene of chaos and disarray as several fires minor explosions rocked the large hanger area. Technicians ran about trying to get the fires under control. The source these fires was Stormbringer firing its canons into the hangar. The crew got off the elevator as ship spun around giving the crew access the cargo ramp in the rear of the ship. Esmeralda provided cover fire for the crew and informed them that they needed to put on spacesuits as ship was depressurized. Enemy troops had blown the airlock to board the ship so she had pulled the ship away while the airlock was open which voided Stormbringer’s atmosphere.

Everyone quickly put on suits, and the ship blasted off. Zen took the controls as Charlie and Oa-La repaired the damaged airlock before they could jump. Enemy fighter scrambled and gave chase. Zen was able to outmaneuver the fighters and managed to get one crash into some superstructure extending off the gate station. Evading enemy fire, the crew was satisfied see a large explosion from the generator they had sabotaged.

Repairs completed, Esmeralda was able to jump all the way rift point closest to Tangar Station. Before jumping, they were also treated to the sight of half a destroyer tumbling out of the gate.

Once Stormbringer returned to normal space and sensors back online and noticed another ship. The new ship’s identifier was the Slephnier, the ship Joshua had custom ordered before departing the Versallis. Opening communications, cloaked figure responded asking “This is Lord Josh Dray, who has the pleasure speaking with me today?”

Perplexed and incensed, Joshua had to restrain himself from opening fire on his own ship. In short order it was determined that crew of the Slephnier was a funeral party carrying out ancient Kallian tradition. They were responsible for delivering Zen’s brother’s will and personal spacecraft to Zen. They had “borrowed” the Slephnier and modified it to carry Zen’s new ship.

After the appropriate ceremony, Zen viewed his brother’s vid will. Zen learned that his brother, in service to the Imperial Navy, had died when his carrier group was destroyed near space controlled by the Disciples of Goratu to the Drevini Carstavo.

During this time, Joshua meditated and received a vision of the Serran female who had accompanied his sister of Tangar Station. The Serran seemed to be trying to urgently communicate with him.

With that business attended to, the Kallians’ also mentioned that a small flotilla of Imperial ships had arrived at tank our station from Hudson in response to the pirate activity going on in the area.

A new plan was forged. The crews would exchange ships and Elric would be copied to the new ship. Stormbringer and the Kallians would return to Tangar Station with news about the invasion. Meanwhile Slephnier would journey on the planet that the invasion map had indicated as being the source of the shock troops. Esmeralda agreed to join the crew as a member after she heavily lobbied with Joshua should continue on in search of the survivors from Ebbar’s World.

The crews said their goodbyes and went in their own separate directions. Over the next several days Slephnier made its way from system to system along the rift. Without event, they made their way through the rift and finally jumped into the star system furthermost out.

Their destination system had a single planet, a gas giant with a habitable moon and numerous asteroid belts. Initial scans turned up a extremely faint emergency distress signal coming from one of the asteroid belts. They set course for the source of the signal and along the way heard radio transmissions from an indeterminate source that sounded like whale-song.

Arriving at the origin of the distress signal, they found a most peculiar ship. It appeared entirely organic in nature. The hull had ruptured and a figure in spacesuit could be seen drifting lifelessly in the cabin.

It was decided to investigate the ship. A docking core door was extended between the two ships and a Oh-La crossed with Joshua waited in the airlock of the Slephnier. Oa-la noted that the center front canopy was shattered and it appeared there was a rupture between a cargo space in the main cabin. She set about trying to figure out how to use the ships controls when a blue sphere approximately 10 inches in diameter came into view outside the ship.

She couldn’t help notice that shade of blue exactly matched herself but had little time to ponder that as it shouted a warning to her. Throwing herself through the front windscreen, she narrowly dodged the attack by an invisible opponent. Pulling on her lifeline to bring herself back in, the assailant broke the line ensuring that she could not do that again. After a brief fight she was able to slay the creature. Upon death it became visible as a nightmare metal plates and spikes though thoroughly organic in nature.

Shortly thereafter, several other living ships appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Oa-La returned to the Slephnier. After closing the airlock, a knock was heard from the outside. Opening it, the blue sphere entered the airlock began gushing about how happy it was to meet Oa-La and referred to as “sister”. The sphere referred to itself as Five made mention to others such as “Sister Four”.

As they tried to digest this, the crew found themselves teleported to the habitable moon. Another knock from outside the ship this time on the main cargo door for a small delegation of Serran’s could be seen waiting. Among them is the Serran female that left Tangar Station with Joshua sister.


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