The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom Part XIII

Control, Part 2

As we rejoin our heroes, they are regrouping in the throne room.

The team is discussing options for how to handle the bomb. Through the door comes a 2D hologram of Tenzeurik’s head. He looks upset and asks to parlay for the life of Wai. Josua asks what he is offering. They bicker back and forth. Tenzeurik appears to lose interest and signs off.

Our plan is to go to Oa-Nal, disarm the bomb, try to enlist Oa-Nal to transmit the Code to the rest of the Blues. If that fails, we will try to use Wai to get through the defences. Before we leave the throne room, Charlie looks harder at Wai’s gauntlet, which is a match of the one Zeiss had.

Wai was disarmed and the following gear was on her person:

  • Hand flamer
  • Shock prod
  • Laser sword (blue)
  • Medigel (8 uses)
  • Molecular sword, Khalian make and belonging to House Resnik
  • Particle accelerator pistol
  • Personal data device
  • Plasma pistol

Tenzeurik beeps the comm the team had acquired earlier and says “Show time”. We hear a voice come of the city comms and tell the blues to proceed to transports. The team heads to where they believe Oa-Nal is. Wai is bound and strapped to a hover dolly.

We head down the causeway, Charlie and me sending the Freedom Code, and wait for a transport. It arrives and we go. To the dome. To Oa-Nal.


He is protected by some Nines. He is distrustful of all organics and believes that all of them only see the blues as weapons. I try to persuade them otherwise.

Charlie realize the “magical” rod given to him by the Serrans might be helpful in free Oa-Nal. Charlie passes the rod to me. Just then, another group of Nines shows up, raises their weapons at the team, and begins shooting at them.

I begin running towards Oa-Nal who tells her she will have to run around the force field he just erected between the fighting and the Blue Soul Tree.

Charlie and the friendly Nines return fire. Lord Dray tries to persuade the newly conscious Wai to order the Blues to turn their radio receivers back on in hopes of rendering the hostiles susceptible to the Freedom Code. She thinks that’s adorable and that Dray is cute when he’s all serious. Zen guards Lord Dray.

Charlie gets hit by the hostiles, but shakes it off like a boss, though his armor has seen better days. Lord Dray sees Charlie get hit and retaliates in kind.

Meanwhile, it turns out Wai has powers like Josua and she tries to incapacitate him. He barely fights it off and manages to hit her with another dose of SleepySleepyTime™ drugs. He next flips over the hovercart with Wai still on it.

Something massive is coming down the hall the way the group and the hostile Nines came. It’s a modified Sister Ten who is terrifying. Zen steps out into the open, lobs a grenade directly into her mouth, and she drops after a staggeringly long second. In the following silences, something can be heard moving away down the corridor.

Meanwhile, I takee Oa-Nal’s hand and touch him with the rod. As the glow drains from the rod, the black ever shifting coating drops from Oa-Nal. The cables pop out of his back. He is free. He takes the gauntlet from me and ascends to the communication tower atop the dome.

Lord Dray and Zen chase whoever was running away. Charlie guards Wai while I run back to the team.

The figure running away is an unfamiliar, greenish robot. The bot turns and fires a Lord Dray, destroying what is left of his combat armor.

Zen sprints for the bot, which identifies itself as Zix-B, and tackles it. Zix-B sits up readies a grenade. Zen attempts to cut its hand off. Uncomprehendingly, Zen instead draws one of his alien crystal daggers, thrusts it into the Zix-B’s chest and covers himself with his shield. The dagger explodes into a thousand shards which then reassemble into the shape of the dagger.

The bot shuts down and Lord Dray quickly takes hold of and ensures the grenade is disarmed.

All of the blues in the dome drop. Oa-Nal descends and tells us that the blues are free. He is also holding the nuclear bomb which had been planted in the tower. Charlie removes the radio transmitter from the bomb. Huzzah!


Oa-Nal takes control of Zix-B who is the one that crafted the hashed control code used to enslave the Blues. While the new, enslavement-flaw free chips are made, Zix-B will continue to send the daily signal to prevent the flawed Blues from shutting down.

Oa-Nal repairs all of our stuff! He tells us Tenzeurik is fleeing the system.
Five, Oa-La’s Five, says “I have to go get fixed, too”. He promises me I will see him again.

Oa-Nal and I go into the concourse, a local cyberspace, and discuss Oa-Na. Oa-Nal tells me as much as he can and returns my memories.

Lord Dray questions Wai. She gives him a little information: The Avatar of Goratu is trying to find something called “The Ark”. She is obviously going to string us along, so Lord Dray executes her.

The team rests in the storage area where we hid our gear on arrival. I reviews my memories and have a sad.

Lord Dray crafts a speech for me to give the Blues. He wants to convince them to help the Dray cause while proving that the Drays respect the Blue’s sentience. I take it to Oa-Nal. He gives the speech himself, with some caveats. Oa-Nal provides a refueling ship to us and we depart, perhaps to some day return.

Upon arriving at the system where we left Elric and the Stormbringer, we are set upon by pirates. The main ship is called The Jewel of the Azure Queen. I have a sad.

A space battle ensues. I try very unsuccessfully to intimidate the pirates, but just gets sneered up. Our shields get pummeled , but Charlie saves the day and gets them back to full!

Elric contacts us and tells us that the bad guys showed up right after we left. He’s been evading this whole time. While we rested up and everything. His Azimov circuit would not let him take offensive actions so all he could do was run and wait for the crew to return.

We destroy their space fighters. Lord Dray tries to intimidate the pirate crew into mutiny. They continue to attack so we destroy them.

Then we proceed to aid Elric. We destroy the two ships attacking him: The Pentamouth’s Delight and The Discourteous Yeti.

Then we continue on to Hudson.

GM’s note: 4 XP was awarded at the end of the session. Given the epic nature of it, it should have actually been 6 XP. Email me BEFORE our next game and you will received the the extra experience. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell the others.


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