The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom Part XII

43 Minutes

The party is in the machine city created by Oa-La’s fellow A.I. bots. The bots have been enslaved by zealots of Goratu, led here by the Kalian, Shakira Wai. She is aided by Zen’s treacherous brother, Tenzeurik. When last we left them, Wai had given the crew an hour to arrive at the central dome or she would detonate a nuclear weapon in the center of the city. The crew had arrived at her location, instead, and had 43 minutes left.

We begin our session in front of a foundry with a chasm running toward and then underneath it. Five reports several small craft launching from the spaceport. The Sister Ten accompanying them says she will try to distract them while the crew proceeds. They cross the catwalk to the foundry.

Out in the Open

When halfway across, five star fighters show up, one of which is painted blue. They appear to be zealot fighters and they attack us and the bridge. Five is asked to go ahead of the group to open the door.

The bridge is hit, knocking Zen off so that he is dangling by one arm. Lord Dray boots Zen’s agility on his way past. Dray, Oa-La, and Charlie head for the door. Zen makes his way, too.

The fighters blast the Sister Ten, destroying her in a blaze of glory. Oa-La vows to avenge her sister in blue metal.

There are a trio of nines behind the door and Oa-La quickly sends the freedom code. One of their heads explodes, while the rest slump the floor as they reboot.

Zen notes the expertise of the starship pilots before fleeing to cover in the foundry. The remaining Nines recover. One hesitates to shoot but the other hits Oa-La dead center in her chest. Her armor saves her and she bashes the Nine with Zen and his ballistic shield.

Tenzeurik shoots up the alcove around the door on the next pass in his fighter. Josua is injured, Five is nearly destroyed. Josua grabs Five and joins Charlie with the others inside.

Oa-La removes her helmet and reveals her identity to the Nines before asking for their assistance. They agree to talk as Josua heals himself and gets Charlie’s assistance in field repairs to his armor.

The Nines want to know if Oa-La is a slave of Lord Drey. A discussion ensued trying to define the difference between a slave and and employee. The brothers were intrigued by the idea employment and discussing it among themselves as some of the repair Sister Eights arrived.

The Eights began working on the headless Nine and on Five after Oa-La sent the freedom code.

Proceeding deeper into the foundry, the crew encountered a pair of Nines locked in a duel over a pool of molten metal, each bot wielding a pair of laser swords. Oa-La sent the code and one fell into the liquid metal below as he rebooted. The other rebooted but didn’t fall in. He said they had been locked into the duel months ago by Wai and was heartbroken to what had happened to the other. Throwing his swords into the molten abyss, he fled the scene.

Wai, over the foundry intercom, expressed her disappointment the crew had wrecked her “kinetic sculpture” of the dueling Nines; they had been at it for months. She then ordered all bots in the area to converge on the crew and bring them to her, functioning or otherwise.

The Sister Eight who had been repairing Five completed her work and Oa-La tucked him into her back. Josua asked the Eight to perform a comprehensive diagnostic on the factory comms and sensors and to hopefully off-line them for as long as possible.

19 Minutes

Proceeding towards where the Nines accompanying them indicated Wai would be, they next came to a massive and bustling automated factory floor. A motley assortment of organics ambushed the crew as they started across. Charlie took out a sniper harassing them and everyone helped take down a Yeti.

Wai Finally

The crew proceeded through the assembly lines to the other side of the factory floor. Large doors slide apart before them, revealing an improvised throne room, include a throne made of bots. The rooms was full of zealots and more organics, all of who opened fire on the crew.

Oa-La charged in and was met by another Yeti, grunting that he was Caldarac the Brute. It was quickly discovered that it wasn’t regular zealots in the zealot armor, but Brother Nines. Wai stood before her throne, showering the entryway with laser bolts from the massive gatling gun she wielded.

Zen traded fire with some of the zealots, giving better than he got, but feeling the hits. Josua faced a fierce looking zealot and when words failed to persuade surrender, Lord Dray let his laser swords take charge.

A Rakashan joined the yeti trying to eat Oa-La, but Charlie landed a kill shot on Caldarac. Oa-La tossed the yeti carcass onto the cat warrior.

As the battle progressed, Charlie winged Wai, knocking her down. Zen cut through more opponents and hit Wai again with his pistol. He then dashed up to pin her under boot. Several liberated Nines arrived and helped cement the crew’s victory.

Zen shot Wai in one of her four arms, trying to intimidate her into surrender. She screamed and lost consciousness. Everyone grew concerned that she was dead or dying and what that would mean to the bomb trigger wired to her vitals.

Josua stabilized Wai as Charlie and Oa-La disabled the timer for the bomb. Everyone looked around, panting, and decided now would be a good time to take a break.

Tenzeurik is still out there, and there is the matter of the bots requiring a code once a day or they shut down, both issues they crew will need to address soon.


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