The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom IV

Edge of Sight

When the ship returned to normal space following the jump, Joshua asked Esmeralda where they were. Rather than take them back the way they came, she had taken them to the next system out, Omicron Eridani Dyrandi, in hopes of eluding any pirate pursuers. Joshua was somewhat dismayed by this as he wanted to return to Tangar station as soon as possible. He was also concerned that the map they had retrieved from the dead soldier indicated that the mysterious invasion was supposed to begin in that system.

A quick scan of their sensors did not reveal the presence of any gathering fleets or anything else that might indicate the presence of an impending invasion. Aside from a faint anomaly coming from the south pole of the star, the system seemed to be devoid of any activity.

Before they had a chance to do any further planning, a torpedo jumped in system and started to lock on to the Stormbringer. Zen began evasive maneuvers crew frantically tried to throw it off. In the end Zen was able to shoot it down before it could destroy the ship.

With that crisis dealt with, crew turned their attention to the mystery of malfunctioning sensors on the bottom of the ship. Content Not Found: null was selected to go out and investigate. She was able to determine that the bottom of the ship had been tampered with, a panel removed, and a bomb attached to the ship.

Lord Dray retreated to his quarters to meditate while the crew dealt with this problem. Ultimately Charlie was able to improvise a bypass to the device and discarded it by tossing it at the star in the system.

Next the crew turned their attention to trying to locate mysterious invasion fleet. Only likely location was the watery moon orbiting a gas giant mid-system. It was decided to head in that direction but keep an eye at the anomaly appearing in their sensors periodically around the south stellar pole.

Esmeralda reveled that the south Anderson point of the star was unusual and best described as a “super Anderson point” capable of allowing ships to jump much further than usual.

After a day in transit, the anomaly resolved itself into an extremely large structure approximately, 1 mile in diameter. Deciding that this was likely related to the invasion, they headed towards it. As they drew closer can see that it appeared to be still under construction as several worker shuttles moving about it. With better energy readings determine that is powered by four generators and at the center of the structure appeared a gate leading to another part of the galaxy. As they observed, a pair of destroyers began moving towards the gate from the other side.

The crew selected a generator which seemed the most remote from the other structures on the gate. The crew was able to dock near the generator and enter station without meeting resistance. They moved quickly cautiously toward the generator, noting more signs of recent construction technology that was unfamiliar to them.

Arriving in the generator room, they found a pair of technicians working on a control panel. Joshua engaged them in conversation and tried to learn more about them. As he introduced himself, elevator doors opened revealing a darkly clad humanoid sporting a laser sword and surrounded by red armored figures. “Dray, did you say? Goratu has given me a gift today!”


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