The Last Parsec

The Unraveling Doom III

"Anywhere they're not shooting at us!"

As Charlie and Zen prepared the ship to depart the pirates’ star fortress, Joshua and Oa-La rifled the body of the power armor equipped soldier they had dragged on board. When Zen arrived on the bridge, he found that Elric had released Esmerelda due to the imminent threat of the fighters fires circling the area. Esmerelda had taken care of most of the preflight checks. She also shared her concern that the ship ventral sensor was blank but Elric could not detect any problems.

Before they could pull away from the fort, several arrester beams locked onto the ship and held it in place. Rather than trying to traverse the exterior the station’s exterior to disable the beams, it was decided to try and locate a terminal or some other access within the station to turn them off.

As the party gathered and the airlock in preparations of the entering the pirate held space station, the airlock video showed them that several pirates waiting to see if the Stormbringer crew would return to the station. When they reopened the airlock, it caught the pirates off guard. Some quick sort work on Zen’s part, and grenade from Oa-La dispatched the majority of the waiting pirates and sent the rest running.

One short hike through the space station turned up a terminal being studied by a feline pirate. Zen quickly sniped the pirate and him finish them off with a knife. Despite or because of the station’s age, Oa-La was able to access star fortress computer in bend it to her will. She disabled the arrester beams, simulated a reactor leak, and created a phantom fleet of Imperium ships which occupied the majority of the pirate ships.

After this, the crew hastily return to the Stormbringer. Finally casting off from the store fortress, they began a desperate race to reach the Anderson Point on the other side of the debris field before being destroyed by the pirate ships. Zen earned his pay as he weaved and dodged the ship through the ancient space battle remains. Several pirate fighters persued them, but were unable to keep up and either damaged or destroyed by debris.

Just before they reached the Anderson Point, a pirate frigate emerged from the debris and launched a guided torpedo at Stormbringer. Zen set the throttle to full to buy Esmerelda as much time as possible to complete her calculations. She didn’t know where they were headed so when asked “Where to?”, the crew responded, in unison, “Anywhere they’re not shooting at us!”. Seizing the initiative, she jumped them to the next system out instead of taking them straight back the way they had come.

Without realizing it, she had taken them see the source of the impending invasion based on the map retrieved from a dead soldier.

A sense of unease settled across the crew. This was made worse by the fact that nothing of the ordinary in this system. Further scans revealed nothing except a faint reading that seem to be coming from around the star beneath them.


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