The Last Parsec

Ronin's Freedom

Escape from KNCorp

Ronin August, has been recaptured by KNCorp, an intergalactic arms dealer that dabbles in less than honest experiments often skirting the edge of both legal and moral for most species.

Ronin’s betrayal of KNCorp pales in comparison to the value he represents to KNCorp. Like most business executive the KNCopr execs are not immune to believing their own hype. With hopes of rehabilitating Ronin to see things “their way” he has been further experimented on and trained.

For a year Ronin has been in a statis chamber having various upgrades applied:
• Nanite injections given over time to build a population which targets tissue preservation (think auto-doc). Given discrete radio frequencies and a special diet of semi-rare elements the population can be easily maintained. Radiation, poison, wounds, disease, and other nanites are repelled by this highly advanced and experimental technology.
• Tapper installation (Cyberjack and small computer) with database (Skill circuits).
• Advanced training through hypnosis augmented by the skill circuits.

Ronin wakes…to this…

Things dropping on facility
Facility hit. Klaxons going off.
Ronin in a pod; been receiving training from Soldier.
Ronin has new vid window in arm
Ranger is name of soldier is Ranger. Ranger give Ronin environment armor.
Nanobot formulas on white board
Big microscope with board
KNCorp soldiers on other side of glass
Exit lab via air lock; sterileized on exit
Soldiers report xenos chamber breached; bad stuff everywhere; they need help
Heading to armory down corridor
Scientist female enters hall; Ranger assigns her to be my buddy
Ronin learns some about how to use arm screen by watching female scientist, Aria
Ranger gives Ronin box of skill chips
Ronin uses navigation skill chip
Dr. Unrick comes in; combative; Ronin pistol whips him
At intersection, insectoids around corner
Ranger gives Ronin frag grenade; Ronin tosses and destroys them!
Fire suppression kicks on in corridor
Heading down corridor
Nosecone of rocket coming through ceiling
Civilian scum gathered have come in through the hole
Ronin sends Ranger to intimidate them
One guy buys it, the rest baulk
Most thugs killed, rest surrender; Ranger kicks them out/up ladder
Ronin “reads” the nanobot chip.
Ronin connects to the data network; chem and bio attack planet wide
Mysterious capital ship “appeared” and was accompanied by projectiles which bombarded planet
More hunter insectoids appear
Long fight
Zombified soldiers approach; they aren’t dead or undead, but brain damaged by some chemical agent released by the warhead.
Aria starts to succumb to the agent
Ronin frantically tries to save her; Ranger assists initially, but then shoots Aria when it seems unlikely she can be saved; Ronin is displeased with this
Mad dash to armory
Blast doors close behind them
Another soldier is in the armory
Ronin hacks into high level / clearance network account; he is the highest value item in the armory.
On the security cameras, all can see that the brain damaged soldiers have been mowed down by two strike teams. Ronin recognizes the insignia they wear as that of Cybertronics; a competitor to KNCorp that has recently been waging serious corporate warfare on KN.
Nearby is a hanger with freighter and a fighter
Ronin checks inventory and finds custom set of armor built for him and gear. Ronin locates it and dons the armor and kits himself up. Ranger locates backup data tapes and starts to load them on a hover cart.
Ronin directs Ranger and the other soldier to load up as many high value and use weapons as they can on the hover carts.
The strike teams are cutting through the blast doors.
Ronin tasks the other soldier to booby trap the door they came in with mines located in the armory.
The group exits through the other doors and runs to the hanger
No encounters on the way but all are thrown to the ground by massive exposition when trap in armory is tripped
Ranger and soldier take weapons and board freighter; Ronin slaves freighter controls to his fighter and they all take off
Message received; Lord Dray is requesting assistance


scotticus garek

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